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Stacked Cosmetics "36" Premium Lashes

Stacked Cosmetics "36" Premium Lashes

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Stacked Cosmetics "36" Premium Lashes

Create a natural glam look with subtle length and volume added when you wear these lashes alone or take it to the next level by stacking them to pump up the volume. "36" lashes are slightly longer at the outer corners, creating a subtle cat eye. Recommended as natural lashes.

  • Contact lens friendly
  • Handcrafted in small, tightly controlled batches
  • Reusable
  • 100% sterile human hair
  • Clear, invisible, flexible lash band

Band Length: 30mm 
Lash Length: 7mm (Inner), 11mm (Center), 10mm (Outer)

Lashes by Stacked Cosmetics are packaged in reusable, space-saving, stackable trays, which were designed to store the lashes throughout many reuses. Perfect for any vanity table or makeup kit!

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